Javan Gibbon

Physical Description

The silvery or Javan gibbon has long fluffy silver-grey fur with darker markings on the chest and cap.

They have long arms and legs, long fingers and reduced thumbs

 General Characteristics

Length :  1.4 – 2.0 feet ( 45-64 cm )

Weight :    11-20 Ibs ( 5-9 Kg )

Range –  Western Island Half of Java                     

Habitat – Only in  Tropical Rainforest

Diet  Fruits, leaves, scrubs, and ,nectar

What type of animal : Omnivores

Status –  Critically Endangered . They Used to be stabilzed in more parts of Java before. Now Javan Gibbons are going down in population by 50 %.. There is now only 1,000 Gibbons left in Gunung Halimun National park in the wild.

Reason for the status : Habitat Destruction and Illegal Pet Trade

Gestation Period : 7 months

Lifespan 35 Years in the Wild , 50 years in captivity

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