Endangered and Rare Animals

Updated: April 5, 2020          

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Everyday many animals find that their habitat is destroyed due to encroachment by human beings. Many species of animals become vulnerable, threatened, endangered and eventually become extinct. Hence, all species must be protected and saved so that our future generation of children and adults can experience their presence and value. To build up awareness to this problem, it is necessary to teach children and others about preservation of environment and wildlife.

In this website, I have tried to use my own photographs as much as possible.  But there will be a few photos taken from other sites. I will be updating my website as time goes by and adding more information. Many of my photographs were taken during my visits to more than 50 Zoos and Animal Parks in and outside US. There will be more animal pictures in the future. If you have any questions , comments, or suggestions send me an email at :sonof.india82@gmail.com

While the animal classification is based on seven categories, this website is arranged under Kingdom, Class, Order, Family and Species. Animals (kingdom) are subdivided into three subclasses.

My name is Bharat Ramanujam, I was born in India On March 23 1982. I am 29 years old right now .

I started this website to help animals that are endangered in the world. Previously I have been volunteering at Los Angeles Zoo

I have taken classes on Nutrition, Marine Biology.