Grizzly Bear


General Characteristics 

Length :   Male – 6 to 9 feet / female –  6 to 9 feet

Weight  : Male – 300 – 1000 pounds / Female – 200 to 800 pounds

Description  :

The brown bear is a large predator distinguished from black bears by a distinctive hump on the shoulders

Coloration is usually darkish brown but can vary from very light cream to black.

The long guard hairs often have white tips that give the bears a “grizzled” appearance,  the name “grizzly.”

It is an omnivorous animal.

Range – Grizzly Bears live in North America and Eurasia.  

Habitat – It lives in Tundra, Alpine, meadows, coastlines, mountains, and woodlands.

Diet – It eats primarily vegetation, berries, carrion and some small and large vertebrates also. 

Status -There were in existence up to 100,000 Grizzly Bears, now this number is down to only 1,000.

Predators – Humans, mountain lions, other bears and wolfs

Reason for the status – Loss of habitat is  due to logging, mining, road  construction and resorts.

Lifespan – 25 years (50 years in captivity)

Gestation period – 210 – 255 days

Interesting Facts – Bears in the wild go into hibernation (very low activity) during winter

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