Ring Tailed


Physical Description

  •      These lemurs have gray or rosy brown backs with lighter gray or brown hind legs and white stomachs.

  •      Their faces are also white with triangular black markings around their eyes and black noses

  • In  fact, the species gets its common name from the ringed pattern of the fur on the tail.

General Characteristics

Length :  385-455 mm ( 15 to 18 in )

Weight :  2.30 to 3.50 kg (5.06 to 7.7 lbs )

Tail  Length : 2 ft ( 61 cm )

Range – Southern and Southwestern Madagascar with a additional population on the southeastern plateau of Andringeta Mountains

HabitatLemurs prefer Euphorbia bush habitat, but they also live in many other types of forests in Madagascar.

 Diet – plants, fruits, flowers, bark, stems and other plant fluids

What type of animal : herbivore

Status – 80% of their habitat is destroyed

Reason for the status – habitat loss and overgrazing

Gestation Period – 4 – 4.50 months

Lifespan 33 years

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