Physical Description

  • Males are solid black in color, with the hairs sometimes brown.

  •  Females are reddish-brown in color with their underside and outline of their face a lighter tan.

  • They have a dark brown or gray muzzle and the back of their hands and feet are a similar dark color.

  • Both sexes have blue eyes, hence the common name, and are one of the only primates other than humans to consistently have blue eyes.

  • The eyes can range in color from shocking electric blue, a light sky-glue, or a softer gray-blue.

General Characteristics

Length :  90- 100 cm  (34 – 40 inches)

Weight :  1.8- 1.9 kg

Tail  Length : 51 to 65 cm

Range – Northwestern tip of Madagascar. Its range extends from the Andranomalaza River in the north

Habitat – Primary and secondary subtropical moist and dry forest

Diet  Fruit, nectar, and pollen. During the dry season they eat leaves, seeds berries and barely insects.

What type of animal : Herbivore

Status – There are as few as 1000 remaining in the wild only today.

Reason for the status – Burn Habitat Destruction, and mild threat in hunting

Gestation Period – 120 to 129 days

Lifespan – 20- 25 yrs / 10- 15 yrs in the wild

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