Animal Vocabulary
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Animal Vocabulary

Carnivores - Animals that eat flesh. Ex. Lion, Tiger, etc.

Herbivores - Animals that eat plants. Ex. Cow, Goat, etc.

Omnivores - Animals that eat both plants and flesh. Ex. Bear, Crow.

Odd - toed Ungulates - Animals with odd number of hooves. Ex. Rhino, Tapir, etc.

Even-Toed Ungulates -Animals with even number of hooves. Ex. Bactrian Camel, Giraffe, etc.

Monotremes - Egg-laying mammals. Ex. Duck-billed Platypus

Marsupials - Animals with babies in their pouch.  Ex. Kangaroo, Koala, etc.

Primates -  Animals with a tail. Ex. Monkeys, etc.

Solitary Animals - Animals that stay alone and not in groups. Ex. Lions, etc

Ungulates - Animals that have which have large hoofs and are totally herbivores. Ex. Cow, Goat, etc.

Bovids - Members of the cow-like family. Ex. Eland, Bongo, etc.

Nocturnal - Animals that stay alive in night, but go to sleep in the afternoon. Ex. Fox, Wolf, etc.

Diurnal - Animals that stay alive in the afternoon, but go to sleep in the night. Ex. Man, Chimpanzee, etc.

Edentates - Animals that eat mainly ants. Ex. Giant Anteater, Sloth, etc.

Vertebrates - Animals with backbones. Ex. Mammals, Birds, etc.

Apes - Primates without tails. Ex. Gorilla, Orangutan, etc.

Primitive Ungulates - Animals which have been living a long time. Ex. Elephants.

Prehensile - Fifth limb of an animal that helps to pickup, push or pull objects. Ex. Trunk For Elephant

Marine Mammals -  Marine mammals are animals that spend the majority of their lives in or near the sea. Ex. Seals, Whales, etc.

Weaning- When a baby or baby animal is weaned, its mother stops feeding it milk and starts giving it other food, especially solid food.